About us


After over 11 years working in the financial industry supporting the Wealth Management divisions of Canada’s largest banks, Billie-Jane Bolton-Rojo faced life circumstance that forced her to reflect on her legacy. Was it impactful? Will it transcend time? How has she touched lives? And, how can she equip her children to leave their marks as well? 

In 2016, these questions challenged her to embark on a new journey to support families directly. She started partnering with families to secure a future for their children with Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs), creating a ‘knowledge legacy’. Since then, she has expanded her mandate to help families protect their greatest assets – themselves. In so doing families are better equipped to create and protect generational wealth for not just their children, but their grandchildren and beyond.

Through her journey, Billie-Jane was overwhelmed by the amazing good that business and organizations wanted to achieve. However, expansionary visions were stifled by a lack of funding. Through PCAL Financial Group, Billie-Jane also offers grant-writing to fund the legacy-building impact that businesses and organizations intend to leave with current and future generations.

Through these passions, PCAL Financial Group was borne in 2019, offering 3 pillars to legacy-building:

- Building your legacy through the gift of education with RESPs

- Protecting your legacy with insurance vehicles

- Funding your legacy by accessing capital to fund your organization’s vision

Let PCAL Financial Group partner with you in creating your legacy!

Pillars for legacy-building

Gift of Education


How does education build your legacy?

At PCAL Financial Group, we support you in offering the children in your lives the gift of education.  Now that we are moving to the age of robotics and artificial intelligence, children require a post-secondary education more than ever.

Your children are your legacy.  Let us show you how to invest in their future while maximizing government grants available through Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)

Protecting your Legacy


   How do you safegaurd your wealth?

PCAL Financial Group not only equips you to   grow your wealth, we partner with you to safeguard it, and maximize what you pass on to the next generation.

Discuss with us the various life insurance   strategies you can integrate into your plan to ensure that your legacy lives on.

Funding your Legacy


Do you need outside capital to fund your vision?

Do you have a growing business in need of capital injection to support expansion?  Do you run a not-for-profit or registered charity in need of funding to execute your mission?

PCAL Financial Group can support you in creating your legacy to the marketplace, your community and your families.  Let our team assist you in applying for grants that can fund the projects that build your organization's legacy.